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Uluslararası Standartlar

DIN ISO 3302-1 M2 Accuracy level M2 for diameter ranges of moulded diaphragms without fabric reinforcement
DIN ISO 3302-1 M3 Accuracy level M3 for diameter ranges of moulded diaphragms with fabric reinforcement and/or metal insert
DIN 3771 Fluid systems O-ring s
DIN 7168 General tolerances for linear and angular dimensions and geometrical tolerances
DIN 7715 Permissible deviations for soft rubber parts (extract from DIN 7715 part 2)
DIN 7716 Rubber products
Requirements for storage, cleaning and maintenance
DIN 7724 Polymeric materials; grouping of polymerics materials based on their mechanical behaviour
DIN 9088 Aerospace series - Storage life of rubber products
DIN 16901 Plastic mouldings; tolerances and acceptance conditions for linear dimensions
DIN 24320 Fire-resisttant fluids - Hydraulic fluids of categories HFAE and HFAS - Characteristics and requirements
DIN 51524 Hydraulic fluids - Hydraulic oils - HL, HLP
DIN 51604 FAM testing fluid for polymer materials, Composition and requirements
DIN 52612 Testing of thermal insulating materials
Determination of the thermal conductivity with the guarded hot plate apparatus, Procedure and evaluation
DIN EN ISO 6721 Testing of polymer materials
Torsion vibration test
DIN EN ISO 1183 Testing of plastics and rubber
Determination of the density
DIN 53504 Testing of rubber
Tensile trials
DIN 53505 Testing of rubber
Shore A and D hardness test
DIN ISO 34-1 Testing of rubber
Determination of the tear strength of elastomers; Trouser test piece
DIN 53508 Testing of soft rubber
Accelerated ageing
DIN 53509 Testing of rubber
Resistance of rubber to ozone cracking
DIN 53512 Testing of rubber
Determination the rebound resilience of rubber
DIN 53513 Testing of rubber and elastomers
Determination of the viscoelastic properties of elastomers on exposure to forced vibration atnon-resonant frequencies
DIN 53516 Testing of rubber and elastomers
Determination of abrasion resistance
DIN ISO 815 Testing of rubber
Determination of the compression set. Thermal Testing Procedures.
DIN 53533 Testing of elastomers; Testing of heat generation and service life during the fatigue test (flexometer test)
DIN 53538 Testing of elastomers;
Standard reference elastomers
For characterising service fluids with respect to their action on vulcanised nitrile rubbers
DIN 53545 Testing of elastomers;
Determination of low-temperature behaviour of elastomers; principles and test methods
DIN 53546 Testing of elastomers;
Impact test for the determination of the low-temperature brittleness point
DIN ISO 1817 Testing of rubber and elastomers
Determination of the behaviour of rubber and elastomers when exposed to fluids and vapours
DIN ISO 48 Elastomers and thermoplastic elastomers
Tensile strength.
DIN ISO 1629 Rubber and latex
Difference and abbreviations
VDMA 24317 Hydraulic fluids
Flame retardant hydraulic fluids
Minimum technical requirements
ASTM D 395 Test Methods for Rubber Property-Compression Set
ASTM D 471 Standard test method for rubber property-effect of Liquids
ASTM D 746 Test method for brittleness temperature of plastics and elastomers by impact
ASTM D 945 Test methods for rubber properties in compression or shear (Mechanical-Oscillograph)
ASTM D 1418 Practice for rubber and rubber latices - Nomenclature
ASTM D 1600 Abbreviations of terms relating to plastics
ASTM D 2000 Classification system for rubber products in automotive applications

DIN Standard Leaflets can be obtained from:
Beuth-Vertrieb GmbH,
D-10719 Berlin, Uhlandstraße 175,
as well as
D-50672 Cologne, Friesenplatz 16
ASTM standards can also be obtained from
Beuth-Vertrieb. Summary of applicable standards.

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