OK-LAS O-Ring, Gasket, Vibration Mounts and Rubber Parts

Our firm, with 20 years of experience in rubber part production, have been designing and producing sealing elements, various  o-ring, gasket, vibration mounts, diaphragms and rubber parts with special form.

OK-LAS, who adopted customer satisfaction as the main working principle, has ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.

What is O-ring (Oring)?

O-rings are simple and cheap impermeability elements which are easy to use and assemble. O-rings are used in hydraulic, pneumatic, various liquid and gas systems. O-rings have a wide application field in all sectors, mainly in critical fields such as space, aviation and medical Technologies. O-rings can be used in both static and dynamic fields, on condition that suitable working environment and material is provided. As O-rings provide two-way impermeability and occupy less space than other impermeability elements, they make it easier for design.

What Are Vibration Wedges For?

Vibration damping and control elements absorb vibrations (energy accumulations which cause vibration) with the help of internal frictions in their rubber material structure. They provide protection between interconnected system elements against impacts and blows. They meet spaces which are caused because of the production tolerances of system elements. They provide long working life by reducing force accumulations, axial and radial affects coming to system parts.

Rubber Terminology

Polar property : It is having both negative and positive load property on the same material. For example, water shows polar property. So; because of hydrogen atoms in the water, the positive load; and because of oxygen atoms, the negative load property (polar property) is observed. Therefore, materials with polar property can establish stronger molecular bonds.

Ozon : Ozon (O3) which is known as an active, is the most efficient microbe killer and anti-odor. It occurs when the electric arcs (which appears at the moment of lightning) and sun’s ultraviolet beam, affect the free Oxygen in the air.


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